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History of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated

Where it all began...

 Chi Eta Phi Sorority is a professional organization of registered nurses and nursing students. Aliene C. Ewell, RN organized the Sorority on October 16, 1932 with the assistance of 11 other courageous registered nurses. The charter chapter, Alpha, was organized at Freedman's Hospital in Washington D.C. for two specific purposes: (1) elevating the plane of nursing and (2) increasing interest in the field of nursing. 

Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated is a professional organization for registered professional nurses and student nurses (male and female) representing many cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds. More than 8000 Registered Nurses and Student Nurses hold membership in Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated. 

There are over 101 graduate chapters and 41 undergraduate chapters located in 33 states, District of Columbia and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Membership is by invitation and is both active and honorary. 

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To learn more about our wonderful nursing sisterhood/brotherhood please visit our national website by clicking on the link below.